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  • Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours

    Mondays at 8:30pm from August 11

    Armed with little more than his prejudices, and the obligatory fast car, Jeremy heads off to continental Europe. After a series of near-death experiences on the roads of Paris, he discovers he quite likes the French, really. And the Belgians are OK. But his views on the Spanish and the Germans are almost unrepeatable. Zipping about in an E-type Jaguar, Clarkson asks the questions most of us would never dare to utter, and discovers some surprising insights about fellow nationals - as well as his own neighbouring Brits.


    Jeremy Clarkson heads to Europe, in this never-before-seen series from 2002

  • All Star Sundays - David Attenborough

    Sundays at 7:30pm from August 17

    Embark on a journey through a riot of colour, plumage and exotic behaviour deep within the forests of New Guinea as Natural World goes in search of the ultimate bird of paradise.

    Sir David Attenborough: A Life on Earth tells the extraordinary story of the legendary natural-history presenter, film-maker and naturalist.


    All Star Sundays will feature two documentaries featuring natural historian, Sir David Attenborough

  • Embarrassing Bodies

    Tuesdays at 7:30pm from August 12

    They’ve encouraged the nation to come forward and bare all, and have sorted out all sorts of cringe-inducing conditions from shocking skin problems to the most eye-watering ailments. The patients managed to overcome their embarrassment to seek out help the first time around, and the doctors are inviting them back again for a final check up to see if their embarrassing conditions have been banished for good and their lives changed for the better.


    Dr Christian, Dr Pixie and Dr Dawn have changed the lives of hundred of patients

  • Top Gear – Series 19

    Mondays at 7.30pm from August 11

    In this series, the presenters use the Aston Martin Vanquish, SRT Viper and Lexus LFA for an incredible American road trip that takes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and a race against some fighter planes before ending with a hair raising run to the Mexican border. The trio also create a unique car designed especially for old people, carry out one of Top Gear’s famously thorough road tests on the new Kia Cee’d and race a Shelby Mustang GT500 against a train in order to find the fastest way to get from Britain to Italy in time for a football match.


    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May engage in another collection of incredible adventures

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