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  • Dragons' Den Series 11

    Fridays at 8:30pm from July 4

    Dragons' Den is back with two brand new multimillionaires joining the illustrious line up; cloud computing pioneer Piers Linney and design industry icon Kelly Hoppen take their seats alongside returning den stalwarts Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden. Starting off the series two British expats launch their Australian tanning range with a jingle that takes the Dragons by surprise. Will any of the entrepreneurs secure any of the Dragons' cash? It's all or nothing in the den, who will leave empty handed?


    Who will impress the Dragons with their three-minute pitch?

  • Embarrassing Kids Bodies

    Tuesdays at 8:30pm from July 15

    They’ve encouraged the nation to come forward and bare all, and have sorted out all sorts of cringe-inducing conditions from shocking skin problems to the most eye-watering ailments. The patients managed to overcome their embarrassment to seek out help the first time around, and the doctors are inviting them back again for a final check up to see if their embarrassing conditions have been banished for good and their lives changed for the better.


    Dr Christian, Dr Pixie and Dr Dawn have changed the lives of hundred of patients

  • David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

    Sundays at 7:30pm

    Sir David Attenborough reveals the animals that have intrigued him the most, with each episode featuring two different animals linked together by a curiously distinctive evolutionary quirk.

    How did two very small animals from opposite ends of the world send shockwaves through the scientific community and upset the reputation of leading scientists? Why do zebras and butterflies advertise themselves with bold patterns or dazzling colours? Nature has twisted the tusk of the narwhal and the shells of snails and their relatives, but what is the purpose?


    Each episode explores the stories behind two natural curiosities, linked together by a common theme

  • Deadly 60

    On BBC Knowlege

    Animal or human – no one is safe. As he travels across South Africa, Australia, India, Malaysia, Europe, United Kingdom, South America and North America, he encounters a host of animals with a wide variety of appearances.


    Travelling across six continents, Steve searches through trees, deserts and swamps find his deadly 60

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    The military wing of the Islamist group insists it is not holding a missing Israel soldier and says he could have died in…

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    The Ebola outbreak is spreading faster than efforts to control it, the head of the World Health Organization tells West…

  • Obama defends under-fire CIA director

    President Barack Obama has defended CIA Director John Brennan and acknowledged the US tortured prisoners after 9/11.

  • MH17 crash team finds human remains

    A team of 70 Dutch and Australian forensic experts finds human remains at the site of the flight MH17 crash in east Ukraine…

  • Judge urges Argentina default talks

    In the first hearing since Argentina defaulted on its debts, US judge Thomas Griesa calls for negotiations to be resumed…

  • US House passes $694m border bill

    A $694m (£412m) bill to strengthen the US border with Mexico clears the House of Representatives but won't reach the Senate…

  • 'Nine militants killed' in Xinjiang

    Nine militants are shot dead by police and one captured in the restive Chinese region of Xinjiang, the Xinhua news agency…

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